Installing Magento

It is assumed that you have already configured the local host.

In the name of the local host, I specify a domain (for example because without the domain, the installer gave me an error.

Install magento via composer.

Run the command in the project folder:

composer init

Press everywhere [Enter] if there is no desire to contribute something.

The composer.json file should appear. In this file we add delete the line:

"require": {}

and instead of it we insert the code:

"require": {
     "magento-hackathon/magento-composer-installer": "~3.0",
     "aydin-hassan/magento-core-composer-installer": "~1.2",
     "firegento/magento": "~1.9.2"
"extra": {
     "magento-root-dir": ".",
     "auto-append-gitignore": false,
     "magento-deploystrategy": "symlink",
     "magento-force": true

Execute the command:

composer update

After installation - you can go to the local host page. Here magento will launch the installer.

In the setup section, you will need to specify the parameters to connect to the database, the user name/password, etc.