• Yii Framework. Yii extension for customer.io

    Yii Framework. Yii extension for customer.io

    Are you use yii and customer.io for send emails? Then this simple example of extension for quick start and sending emails from your site through customer.io for you.

    August 16, 2016     0     1562     Egor         Yii Framework, Yii extensions, mail    


  • WYSIWYG text editor Imperavi for Yii

    WYSIWYG text editor Imperavi for Yii

    I was looking for an easy and quick wysiwyg editor. Basic requirements for the editor are: text formatting, uploading images and processing of it, working with tables and cross-browser compatibility. In the process of looking, I found Imperavi editor that met all my requirements.

    As it turned out later Yii community bought the OEM-licensed and now if you are using Yii Framework in your project you can free use Imperavi Redactor in it. And so proceed to the include editor in Yii.

    Imperavi Redactor is set in the project on the Yii Framework as an extension and works as widget.

    February 18, 2016     0     5323     Egor         Yii Framework, Yii Framework 2, yii2, Yii extensions, widget, WYSIWYG    


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